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It is not an unusual sight to come into the Ceva Animal Health offices and to pass a dog on your way to the coffee machine or to receive a friendly tail wag when you visit someone at their desk.

Meet our office dogs

Only about 8% of employees in the UK are allowed to take their dogs to work according to research by reed.co.uk. There is a lot of evidence to show that it not only makes life easier for pet owners but also brings with it a wealth of health and productivity benefits. A 2016 survey by Banfield pet hospital found that 82% of employees feel a greater sense of loyalty to pet-friendly companies, 88% think pets at work improve morale and 86% say they reduce stress. We at Ceva certainly see the day-to-day results these stats would suggest.

Ceva Animal Health introduced a dog friendly office policy 4 years ago and have never looked back. ‘’It is one of the great benefits of being a Ceva employee and means that we get enough fresh air and exercise every lunchtime, come rain or shine, which does help refresh the brain’’ says Abbie King, a product manager at the company.

Ceva employees worked together to create ‘Dog House Rules’ that must be followed at all times. These include regular toilet breaks, dog toys not be left in walkways or communal areas, flea and worming kept to date plus more. These are followed by all employees to ensure a calm atmosphere for dogs and employees.

Lucy Emslie, another Ceva employee says ‘’Being able to take my dog to work is such a benefit for me. It means I am not leaving him alone all day and if I ever need a 5 minute break or a cuddle he is always there. Oscar, my pomeranian, certainly makes himself at home within our office and loves nothing more than sharing a bit of lunch’’.

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